My name is Rockit Tayker, a pseudonym of course! I love to write short stories that display what is on, what most may describe as, my twisted mind. The display is for me. The display is for you. I write for both of us. When I read back my own short story, I remember in a telepathic way. When you read what I’ve written, we are sharing in a telepathic way!

That which is written requires both a writer and a reader. Otherwise, like the tree that falls in the forest with no witnesses, what is the point? From my brain to the human language to this blog is half the trip. From this blog to your mind is the rest of the journey.

A story with no readers is like a train with no passengers. No one is actually moved, physically or emotionally. Just put one person on that train, and something real happens. If ten people ride that train, they will all recount different experiences.

If ten people read the same story, they will all tell it back differently, and they will all be distinct from the writer. If I write a story that is one sentence like this, for example, “I placed my pounding flesh into a strangely inviting tunnel.”

To the miner, that phrase might mean his hot blood pumping heart and body riding a train into a mine for the purpose of affording his families next meal.

To the consumer of pornography, that story might mean his hot blood pumping erection riding in the adventurous vagina of an orgasmic woman.

So, I’ll show you mine and feel free to show me yours!


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